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Bus tickets to the city Poltava

Buses to the city Poltava from cities Ukraine

Buses to the city Poltava from cities Poland

Buses to the city Poltava from cities Germany

Poltava : about the city


  • CountryUkraine
  • Square103 km2
  • Locality298,652 people
  • Time zoneUTC +02:00
  • CurrencyUAH

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Average temperature:

Probability of precipitation:



On this page you will find timetables of buses to Poltava. Click on a link from the list to view the bus schedule in the selected direction.

On avarage, there are X bus connection per day in Poltava 154 intercity buses. They are distributed over 5 bus stations. The first bus departs at 00:20 and the last one at 23:30. The cost of the ticket depends on the chosen direction and can range from 4.93 to 531.87 PLN.

Bus schedules for all 154 directions to Poltava valid for 18.01.2020.